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Robert M. Hilberts Inc. is the premier provider of AJ Manufacturing products in Philadelphia, PA. Hilberts has experience working with AJ Manufacturing and their wide variety of diffusers for critical environment. Our professionally trained staff can be trusted to find the best diffuser for your building in Philadelphia PA, whether it's commercial, industrial, or institutional. The innovative technology by AJ Manufacturing will keep the air quality clean where needed, whether it's a hospital, operating room, or other large, open spaces. Proper air quality control can increase overall comfort in your building. This also benefits you as well as your clients by keeping your building's environment clean and healthier.

AJ Manufacturing specializes in customized air outlets for buildings and has become the industry leader in providing these air distribution products for the necessary industries. The Criti-Clean is a fan powered filter diffuser that has been utilized in a wide variety of critical environments in Philadelphia PA. All of the members of our team have a high level of expertise working with AJ Manufacturing and their team. Our staff understands the importance of clean air quality and air distribution in the operating room environment. We will work closely with you to determine the best solution for your situation when you work with us. In addition to working closely with each of our manufacturers, we perform extensive research to fully understand the benefits that each product we provide offers.

Working with Hilberts comes with the guarantee of a customized experience. We understand that not all rooms and buildings have the same requirements, so we will work closely with you when choosing what you want and need supplied to you for installation. This benefits you by ensuring you're only paying for what you absolutely need. Hilberts prides itself on providing the best products and excellent customer service. When it's time for you to choose an air distribution company for air quality products in Philadelphia, PA, call Hilberts, where we'll put your requirements first.

Philadelphia AJ Manufacturing Products in Philadelphia PA

AJ Manufacturing's Criti-Clean is able to be utilized both individually or in multiples, depending on room size. They produce conditioned air that is designed to cover over a wide area in both small and large rooms. As leading industry experts, AJ Manufacturing is always looking into new advancements in the air distribution industry. They provide a variety of grilles and diffusers in Philadelphia, PA. They also specialize in customizing the design and build of their products to specially match with the unique requirements of your site and project. In a critical environment, stable and clean air quality is of the utmost importance, so understanding the characteristics of your building is a priority for us when we work with you. When you require quality products for healthcare purposes, AJ Manufacturing's products are second to none. We have the knowledge and experience to help with your next hospital project whether it be an OR, room pressurization, particle elimination, a pharmacy, or from the ground up.

AJ Manufacturing Provides the Following Air Distribution Products:

  • Flat Radial Diffusers
  • Laminar Flow Diffusers
  • Perimeter Slot Diffusers
  • Supply Grilles
  • Return Grilles
  • Removable Grilles

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