Thermal Destratification In Buildings

Thermal Destratification has been rated as one of the top carbon reducing initiatives for any type of building by industry leaders such as the Carbon Trust. HVAC systems typically work harder than necessary to compensate for stratification, in both heating and cooling modes, in order to maintain a set temperature at the occupant level. This increases cost exponentially, creates a lot of carbon and results in wasted heat build up at the ceiling level.
At Robert M. Hilberts, Inc. we represent three manufacturers of destratification products. All three are different and each is the pioneer and inventor of their product category. MacroAir invented the HVLS fan in 1998, Airius introduced the Air Pear in 2004 and Johnson patented Air-Rotation in the 1950’s. Continual innovation is the common characteristic for these three companies in addition to providing the best destratification equipment in the industry.
Interest in destratification from building owners and engineers is increasing each year. Ten years ago the typical application for destratification was a warehouse or manufacturing facility, but today we are applying this energy savings concept for a variety of facilities. It is not unusual to find destratification equipment in non-industrial businesses; from grocery stores to athletic facilities, auto dealerships, airplane hangers, restaurants, furniture stores, military bases and atriums and lobbies. We are able to assist you in choosing the best method to achieve high comfort levels and energy savings for any application.