Logan Destratification Fans

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Robert M. Hilberts Inc. is the premier provider of Logan destratification fans and air distribution products in Logan, NJ 08014. Hilberts represents some of the top manufacturers in the HVAC industry and has been providing the best thermal destratification fans, warehouse fans, and destratification products in Logan NJ. Utilizing thermal destratification can save money on heating and cooling while also making the environment of your building more comfortable. Our experience in the industry guarantees you will be working with professionals that have the knowledge to find the best solution for your business.

We are a destratification and professional air distribution products company that specializes in providing quality fans that equalize the temperature in warehouses, factories, restaurants, military bases, and both industrial and non-industrial businesses in Logan, New Jersey. Our employees all have experience in the hvac industry and we specialize in providing products for thermal destratification, air distribution, healthcare, and air rotation.

Every building has unique specifications and we have plenty of destratification products to suit each one's needs. We will work closely with you to determine the best product for your building, so that you have the benefit of only being provided a product that you require. We provide destratification products from three premier manufacturers. MacroAir, Airius, and Johnson Air-Rotation are all considered industry leaders for innovating cost-effective climate control solutions in Logan, New Jersey.

Logan Destratification in Buildings

In addition to providing the best destratification products in the market, our employees will also work closely with you to help determine the best product for your requirements. We work with companies in Logan, NJ regularly and are fully trained in understanding the different benefits of each of our products. Our services are customizable for the different needs from each of our clients. Our priority is getting you the proper service and solution you need, and will discuss the options available to you. We are able to assist you in choosing the best method to achieve high comfort levels and energy savings for any application.


MacroAir is considered a pioneer in the ceiling fan industry for being highly innovative with their products. Their premium fan line, AirVolution-D, is a leader in technology, simplicity, and reliability. We provide products from MacroAir so our customers benefit from local service and highly customized solutions. If you require a MacroAir fan in Logan, NJ 08014, contact Hilberts for the best prices and options.


Airius fans provide an effective Logan destratification system by releasing air from the ceiling to the floor. Their fans feature a unique nozzle design and are built to ensure air is delivered to the entirety of the room. This system is capable of reducing your company's energy cost and bills anywhere from 20% to 70%. If you are in need of Airius fans in Logan, NJ, contact Hilberts today.

Johnson Air-Rotation

Air-Rotation is a cost effective, efficient, and flexible HVAC system solution for large, open spaces in Logan, NJ. Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are designed to project air to fully equalize temperature in large areas. Whether a system requires a chilled water coil, steam heat, dehumidification, or stainless steel, Johnson Air-Rotation Systems can be configured to meet your specific requirements.

Logan Destratification Products We Provide:

  • Warehouse Fans
  • Factory Fans
  • HVLS Fans
  • Industrial Fans
  • Commercial Fans
  • HVAC Systems
  • Airius Fans
  • MacroAir Fans
  • Johnson Air-Rotation Systems
  • Air Distribution Products

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