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Robert M. Hilberts Inc. is the leading provider of Precision Air Products in Lancaster, PA 17062. With our experience, our team can be trusted to install the best ventilation systems for your Operating Room, Cath Lab, or Imaging Operating Room. Precision Air has been developing and manufacturing the best integrated ceiling ventilation systems and diffusers for general operating rooms, imaging operating rooms, and high-risk operating rooms for many years in Lancaster PA. Our innovative technology will keep the air quality clean wherever it is critical for your project.

The philosophy for Precision Air Products is to never sacrifice quality when safety is at hand. Precision Air is a professional air distribution and ventilation system manufacturer in Lancaster PA. Our employees have a high level of experience in their products from working with Precision Air and their employees. We understand the importance of clean air quality in an operating room, and will work with you to determine the best solution when you work with us.

Every operating room has its own specifications and may require different ventilation systems or imaging equipment, so when you work with our team you have the guarantee of a dedicated team that will find the proper equipment for you. Precision Air's products include ceiling ventilation systems to clean the air in your operating room, as well as mounted imaging equipment, and systems for high-risk surgeries. The systems include precise temperature control to allow for rapid cooling and heating as needed. The systems are also highly customizable based on the needs of your company. When you need quality products from Precision Air in Lancaster, PA, you can trust Hilberts to get you what you need.

Lancaster Precision Air Products in Lancaster PA

The importance of clean air quality in operating rooms cannot be stressed enough. With the risk of infections during procedures, industry experts are always looking for ways to increase patient safety. Hilberts' mission is to provide the best air quality solutions to help the health care industry improve the OR environment in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In addition to the ceiling ventilation systems, Precision Air has also researched particle levels in operating rooms and developed the LIFESuite System to reduce particles at the table by 99%. When you require products to clean the air quality in your operating rooms, Precision Air has the solution, and you can work with Hilberts to get just what you need.

Precision Air's diffusers and framing systems have no equal in the market for their design and construction in Lancaster, PA. The products will go beyond national standards and guidelines to benefit you by minimizing the potential for surgical patient risk. The Imaging ORs are customized for the demanding task of mounted, moving imaging equipment. They are functional, compliant systems that will save you time and money for the imaging process. The Operating Room Ceiling Systems utilize quality diffusers with a unique, robust framing system that is fully functional while fitting the aesthetic of your room. Our goal is to ensure you get the proper equipment you need while saving you as much money and time as possible.

Precision Air Provides the Following Products:

  • Integrated Ceiling Ventilation Systems
  • Diffusers
  • Operating Room Systems
  • Ceiling-Mounted Imaging Equipment
  • High-Risk Surgery Systems
  • Temperature Control Systems

When you are in need of Precision Air Products or are searching for a provider of Lancaster Precision Air Products in Lancaster, PA 17062, contact Robert M. Hilberts Inc. today by calling us at (610) 825-8690 or by filling out our online contact form here.