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Robert M. Hilberts Inc. is the leading provider of TSI products in Allentown, PA 18109. Hilberts has years of experience working with TSI and can be trusted to improve the air quality in your hospital, operating room, or pharmacy. Hilberts has been providing the best air quality, air control and filter testing products in Allentown, PA for many years. TSI's products offer safe, flexible laboratory control solutions to keep tight control over ventilation and temperature throughout the lab. This benefits you by ensuring a safe working environment while optimizing energy usage to save your company money.

TSI has developed state-of-the-art air quality solutions and atmospheric studies to properly pressurize hospital rooms to keep the air quality stable and safe. TSI has become a trusted leader in particle research measurement solutions and thermal flow measurement in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Keeping proper laboratory control allows for significant energy savings while temperature at an even distribution throughout the room. While every room is going to have its own unique characteristics, our expert staff will work closely with you to find the best solution necessary for your company. We work closely with both you as well as our manufacturers so there is no room for error when determine the best product. This benefits you by ensuring you are only paying for products you actually require.

Working with Robert M. Hilberts Inc. allows for the flexibility of a customized experience. We pride ourselves on providing only the best products and excellent customer service. TSI's products are customizable based on the characteristics of the room they're being installed in. Hilberts will work closely with you as well as TSI to understand the characteristics of your operating room, pharmacy or hospital room. This way, there will be no room for error when choosing from our line of TSI products. When it's time for you to choose a company to get your air quality and air control products from in Allentown, PA, call Hilberts, where you're guaranteed a dedicated team that is willing to go the extra mile to find exactly the product you need.

Allentown TSI Products in Hospitals

TSI provides a number of solutions in hospital settings, to enhance safety in a variety of applications. Hilberts works with TSI to provide room pressure monitors for hospital isolation rooms, operating rooms and pharmacies. The pressure monitors offer accurate, stable measurements of the proper room, along with a monitor to provide easy visual indication of room status. These rooms need to be pressurized to control the movement of airborne pathogens so that you can keep your patients, visitors, and medical staff safe. TSI's PresSura Room Pressure monitors are the standard in the industry, providing unique, accurate, and stable low-pressure measurement. When you need the best products to measure the air pressure in your operating room, isolation room, or pharmacy, contact Hilberts in Allentown PA.

Allentown TSI Products in Cleanrooms

In pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device cleanrooms, it is highly important to know if any airborne contaminants put production at risk. TSI's BioTrack Real-Time Viable Particle Counters will monitor cleanrooms for all viable particles and potential contaminants, helping you understand them, their origin, and to keep processes in control.

TSI Provides the Following Air Distribution Products:

  • Pressure Monitors
  • Fume Hood Controller
  • Fume Hood Monitor
  • Room Pressurization
  • Particle Counters
  • Measurement Technology

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