Robert M. Hilberts, Inc. is now the representative for Johnson Marcraft in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

MarCraft® TRUCustom™ HVAC Systems provide customers with solutions to their needs by providing flexibility, choices, any combination of construction materials, brands and component types, energy recovery, dehumidification, electrical/wiring and devices, environmental controls packages, in-house piping packages, and complete direct expansion systems – all with available factory performance verification testing.

Custom air handling units offer significant benefits over standard commercial grade units. Average design life is increased from less than 15 years to more than 30. Average cabinet leakage is reduced from 5% of design CFM at 5″ of static pressure, to 1% of design CFM at 10″ of static pressure. Custom units are more flexible than standard units and offer factory piping, wiring and optional factory sound, lead and performance testing. In addition, a three-year cost comparison shows a savings of over $40,000.
From the first engineering design to system start-up, attention to detail is what separates MarCraft from the competition. Our experienced in-house engineering team stands ready to solve any design and performance questions. We don’t rely on programs or fancy software to take the place of experienced engineers who design each system from a clean sheet of paper. MarCraft’s dedicated manufacturing team takes great pride in producing a high quality unit. We also run each custom HVAC system through rigorous testing prior to shipment to ensure it works to exact specifications. Every last detail is followed, right down to using heavy-mil shrink-wrap on all sections during shipment. Our number one job is to serve you and provide the highest quality custom HVAC system possible.

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